The Proposal

Executive Summary

1. Situational Analysis

2. Outline of Proposal

3. Origins of Proposal

4. USDA Integration

5. Case for Integration

6. Enhanced Funding

7. Case for Funding

8. CREATE-21 and NIFA

Related Materials

Supporting Documents

Values and Principles


Results of BAA Vote



Section 704 of the 2002 Farm Bill created a “Research, Education, and Economics Task Force” to “evaluate the merits of establishing one or more National Institutes focused on disciplines important to the progress of food and agricultural science.” If you specifically need to know how to write interview papers, you have an option to study our guides on the topic.

Led by Dr. William Danforth (Chancellor Emeritus, Washington University), the Task Force presented its report in July 2004, recommending that:

A National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) should be created within the USDA for the purpose of ensuring the technological superiority of American agriculture.
The mission of NIFA should be to support the highest caliber of fundamental agricultural research through competitively-awarded, peer-reviewed grants.
NIFA should supplement and enhance (not replace) existing USDA research programs, with an annual budget building to $1 billion over a five-year period.
The Director of NIFA should be a distinguished scientist appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

The CREATE-21 legislation embraces all of these key elements of the NIFA proposal. However, the CREATE-21 proposal goes further by integrating all existing USDA research, education, and extension programs/activities within the National Institute and by authorizing enhanced capacity funding for America’s land-grant and related universities/institutions.


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