The Proposal

Executive Summary

1. Situational Analysis

2. Outline of Proposal

3. Origins of Proposal

4. USDA Integration

5. Case for Integration

6. Enhanced Funding

7. Case for Funding

8. CREATE-21 and NIFA

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Values and Principles


Results of BAA Vote



Through its Farm Bill Committee, NASULGC’s Board on Agriculture Assembly (BAA) has been working towards reauthorization of the Farm Bill, which may occur in this congressional session. The full text of the Bill is available at Seven Farm Bill subcommittees – Nutrition, Conservation, Rural Development, Forestry, Energy, Research and Education, and International – have all developed proposals for significant Farm Bill amendments. A considerable effort has also been directed through the BAA’s CREATE-21 Committee to reframe the partnership between the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the university community.

The original CREATE-21 proposal called for the consolidation of elements currently within USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics program area (and Forest Service R&D) within a new "National Institutes for Food and Agriculture" in order to enhance the integration, efficiency, and flexibility of programmatic efforts in research, extension, and education. While sustaining existing intramural and university capacity funding, the Institute would also provide substantial new funding for competitively-awarded research, extension, and education grants. Finally, the CREATE-21 proposal included major elements of the Danforth proposal for the creation of a National Institute of Food and Agriculture to substantially increase fundamental research within USDA.

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